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Hello All! I know it's been awhile since I updated and I'm truly sorry for that, but the good news is I'm back in Taipei safe and sound! The weather has finally turned warm again, and I feel somewhat fashionable. =) The sun is shining, clouds are drifting by, and the sky is a bright brilliant blue. I'm still quite homesick though. =(

I've embraced the moderately warm weather in full force and wear sun dresses and shorts, while all the locals are still wearing winter clothing. Too excited? =) I always pay for it in the evenings though, they are always still quite chilly.

I hope it's getting warmer, or staying warm, wherever you are!


Thanks for coming. =)


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  1. Rachel says:

    You look amazing :) I'm curious, who takes these photos of you?

  2. The photos are amazing!! Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog and yes Cebu is a great city to visit. Very laid-back and arresting.

  3. Memosne says:

    @ Rachel: First it was my mom and then now it's my lovely friend Bernise. I think you'd really love her! <3 <3 I miss you, I hope we can chat soon!

    @Cheryl! Thank you so much. ^__^ Hopefully I'll make it to Cebu one day I'm having trouble with my spring break. BOO.

  4. Really cute outfit! you're totally making me miss summer! It's starting to warm up but the winds don't help >.<

  5. Memosne says:

    @Thank you so much~ You're making me blush. =) Unfortunately, I jinxed myself. =( It's really cold and windy here now. =__=

  6. Jennifer says:

    love love love these photos, especially with the sun mosaics! I love the print of your dress, it's just beautiful

  7. Memosne says:

    @Jennifer Thank you so much! =) It's a big compliment ^__^

  8. Marcella says:

    Gorgeous outfit! I love the pattern on the dress :)

  9. Memosne says:

    @Marcella Ahhh! =D Thank you!!! <3

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